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Confidentiality is a fundamental part of our professional ethical code. We set the standards to maintain our clients’ names confidential and ensure that all records, communications and information are never disclosed. We promise our customers never to reproduce any marketing material that includes their names and information to promote our services without first receiving explicit consent.


The competitors are out there establishing their presence. You could be doing that too. Few people in positions of influence and responsibility give much attention to their own personal brand and reputation. Yet, as a leader in your field, you are the guardian and ambassador of whatever and whoever you lead. You drive the brand and you set the culture and values. As a leader your personal reputation is inseparable from that of your company.


Creativity is at the heart of what we do. Empower your business by finding creative ways to tell your story. Keep your audience hooked and interested. You have something to say? Don’t underestimate the power of sharing your opinions, comments and insights with others. Together we will find the best way to get the information across. Let’s create a great impression of you.


Would you share your confidential business with everyone? No, nor do we expect you to. Our solution is a one-to-one personalized service, where you can only expect to share details with the person managing your personal branding team.

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The famous face of a field leader becomes a sort of passport for the company. The ultimate achievement of a professionally tailored reputation management strategy is to position you as an influencer and a respected sector of industry leader.

When it comes to digital communication, relying solely on a marketing team no longer cuts it. A study shows that 75% of consumers have more trust for a company whose leaders are established online and well branded. Leaders now look to outsource the monumental task of building online trust with their audience…and for good reason!

Grow a meaningful presence, online and offline. Learn how to establish the right relations with the media and content writers, who will be writing about you. Identify your most active ninjas on digital media and equip them to create compelling content. Measure the impact of ninjas advocacy on your projects with our personalized digital media analytics. Manage your reputation and be a leader who develops other leaders. Best choice by diplomats and successful entrepreneurs:
  • Top advocate analysis
  • Content analytics & insights
  • Ninjas branding strategy
  • Create a powerful LinkedIn profile
  • Build a consistent and strategic local and international network
  • Content creation tailored and aligned to your brand identity
  • Video production and post production
  • Article writing and co-creation
  • International Media campaigns
  • Events organization for goals achievements
  • Media coverage
  • Own book writing and co-writing, publication and book signature
Show your leadership in the field by sharing truly engaging content that includes trends and updates in your world of business. Build social media profiles that make you a center for discussion, inspiraMon and learning. Create a compelling personal brand that attracts and keeps attention. Best choice by CEOs, experienced entrepreneurs, innovators and authors:
  • Hyper-personalized content
  • Video production
  • Article writing & co-creation
  • High quality content in English and Arabic
  • CEO branding/ Entrepreneurs branding via international media coverage
  • Network strategy and support in network growth
  • Positioning strategy
  • Social media profiles revamping/creation
  • Own book publication
Go from cold calling to breaking the ice. Stay on top of your leads and key accounts. Leverage social media to increase engagement and conversion rate. Utilize LinkedIn, which is your best platform to build a meaningful network. Your online engagement using our techniques will make all the difference. Let us help you connect, engage, and convert. Best choice by mid-size companies, investors, small- to mid-project owners and companies who aim to increase sale figures:
  • Top advocates analysis on social media platforms
  • Social selling strategy and lead generation plan on LinkedIn
  • Cross-platform content analytics
  • Empower social selling on different platforms
  • LinkedIn positioning strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Character study and configuration
Take control of your digital presence and navigate social media without trepidation. Rest assured that we will work with you one-on-one to help manage your digital reputation in times of crisis. Our corporate training, based on your team requirements and vision, will allow you to turn personal websites and social media profiles into lead-generating assets.
  • Corporate trainings
  • Digital media needs assessment to generate leads
  • Digital media presence evaluation
  • Cover social media bases: LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram
  • Leverage presence via CEO or business owner personal website
  • Reputation crisis management on digital media and SEO (Google)

Are you happy with how your business appears online? Is your personal blog or business website mirroring your efforts, projects, vision and products in the right way? Is the engagement high on your website? Are you dynamically selling on your website and benefiting from the latest marketing solutions?

Why is our digital marketing consultancy key to your business?

Any business needs to develop a systematic process to ensure a solid ROI in online-based marketing.

  • We help you to implement an integrated digital strategy with complete online solutions.
  • Personal blog design to boost its ability to convert.
  • Digital communications to optimize profile presence.

How and what are platforms to be used to sell online?

Technical tools are numerous! Many features and ideas can be discussed to best meet your needs and integrate solutions to your personal blog or business website and marketing communication strategy. Our consultancy services include:

  • Brand retreat that will help your business to have a clear marketing path
  • Media placement advice
  • Social media crisis management consultation

success stories overview

Net2work Branding Success Stories

a Senior Executive at a Fortune 50 Company



As Dell’s first-ever VP of Global Consumer Innovation, our client needed to grow his brand visibility.


We created and developed a brand as “The Consummate Executive.” This included securing a national book deal, showcasing his unique expertise. Ascendant also organized an international book tour which included paid engagements in three countries and several universities. Later, when this executive launched his own business, we helped him earn the honor of receiving the “Texas Small Business of the Year” award.

a Swiss CEO Seeks Validation in The U.S. For a Unique Business



We worked with the CEO of a financial services organization specializing in socially responsible investing hedge funds. The challenge? They had a good presence in Europe but were virtually unknown with minimal market share in the U.S.


We developed a campaign to explain common missteps and myths about socially responsible investing. The outcome? Geneva’s philosophies were featured in major media outlets such as Wall Street Journal, The Street and Forbes, vastly increasing credibility and exposure in the U.S.

a Former #5 NBA Draft Pick Seeks to Become a Champion in Business



A former #5 NBA draft pick overcame a career ending knee injury with a product he created to get back into the league. Ultimately, he was so successful that he decided to continue building his business instead of returning to his playing career.


We developed a campaign that highlighted the sad reality that 70 percent of retired athletes are broke within five years due to their struggles with chronic pain. We presented his rehabilitation product as the solution. Within six months, national distribution increased by 700 percent and his sales increased by 2,000 percent!  Ultimately a division of the company was sold off to a publicly traded entity.

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